Where I am

The map shows the Forest of Dean in England, where the novels are set. Although I don't live in the Forest, I live next to it.

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About me
"I'm a Heathen by conviction, all things German I've a fix on..." to quote one of my songs. Like Isolde, the heroine of my books, I'm Heathen/Asatru by religion. The religion and its tenets motivate Isolde and permeate the werewolf culture in the books. Though it's not alone - I'm happy to bring a whole range of other pre-Christian pagan religions and cultures into the 21st century. And all sorts of folklore. Maybe haunting the 'mythology' section of my local library as a child finally paid off.

There's also magic in the books. Yes, I hold my hands up: I'm writing what I know about. Though, as the books are fantasies, don't expect everything that happens in the books to be possible in real life! Much of the real life magic comes through as attitudes and rules. Things such as proportionality, kickback and 'a gift for a gift' when asking for help.