The following extract comes from the soi disant "Wicket Brood" manuscripts, which, though hotly disputed, seem to predate the BoS. Putting aside, for the moment, the discussion as to whether the all important second verse in the third manuscript actually refers to Mother or mutter, we find the following lost rite of initiation within medieval Wicca:
The great goddess, the Holy Mother
shall call upon the aspirant's brother*
to bind his parts with crimson twine
and then with whips of leather fine
to strike him boldly on the flank.
While Maiden gives him quite a [...]
He then cries out "Oh Mother mine
release my [..] from this confine."
And with her athame she cuts
the consecrated halibuts
and strikes the novice with their flesh
as entry to new holiness.
(WB 3rd ms, v2:4-12)

* a male member of the coven who has been chosen to take this role

©Alexa Duir 2001

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