Lleu's Lament

The lament uses a tune I've only come across once - by Shirley and Dolly Collins for their version of the old ballad " Death and the Lady."
Heart-sick and lonely, a wife I craved.
So for my pleasure, my uncle made
a girl so comely, I sat for hours
Gazing on her, who
gazing on her, who
was shaped from flowers

Banadl-bright shone her gleaming hair;
pale as erwain her features fair;
in her was no blemish nor lack.
her skin was white, but
her skin was white, but
her soul was black.

When called to arms, I went away
with ne'er a thought that she might stray.
But Gronw Pebyr soon won her heart.
And his love swayed her
and his love swayed her
that we should part.

When war released me, her arms were sweet;
and I indulged her strange conceit.
She wished to test that I loved her still.
so I confided
so I confided
how me to kill.

Hiding to hear lay Gronw, my foe,
and soon the twain had struck their blow.
They stole my kingdom, while I took flight.
My love betrayed me
my love betrayed me
for all my might.

For forty days, by sun and moon
my uncle searched every bryn and cwm;
he swore he'd never leave me to my doom.
At last he found me
at last he found me
amidst the broom.

Though king once more, she had robbed my soul,
and nevermore, could I be whole.
So my mother's kinsman usurped my right;
and my enaid
and my enaid
lives for the night.

Bryn is Welsh for hill, cwm = valley and enaid = the soul.

© Alexa Duir 2009

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