Longest Day

Can be sung to the tune of "The Red Flag", among others.
O Longest Day, O Longest Day:
You favourite new age holiday.
Your lengthy days and warmer nights
Encourages the parasites,
And out they crawl from alleyway
To all come forth on Longest Day.

They gather at our sacred sites;
Invade them with their urban blights.
They smoke, they drink, they dance, they play,
And mark with beer cans Longest Day.

To make their fires they dig the turf
And disrespect the ancient earth.
They chop down trees and cart away
Fence posts to burn on Longest Day.

They put tea lights within the stones
And thus they harm earth's ancient bones;
And fires beside the rocks they lay
To crack and scar on Longest Day.

The way they choose to celebrate,
It makes the land degenerate.
And all around the ground they spray
Their detritus on Longest Day.

And deep upon the stones they score
Their names to keep there evermore.
And so their marks of shame display
Their thoughtlessness on Longest Day.

And when day's o'er and night has passed,
Back to their towns they drive at last;
And leave their garbage to decay
On sacred ground 'til Longest Day.

©Alexa Duir 2003

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