Ode to Multiple Reincarnations

When I died and went 'up there'
I found me family and mates
But of the fools who made me swear
Not one in sight - what were their fates?

I said to Sal : "Don't see old Stan.
Or mucky Bill, or our old Gran.
I guess they've all been dealt bad news
And sent downstairs to pay their dues."

Said I to Sal, "Ay, this is grand,
"To see such fairness in the plan.
The gods are great, as we all knew
And ee, it's good to see it's true."

"Ye daft auld sod," said Sal to me
"You don't know nought, so look and see -
Your time's here just to chose what strife
You've strength to bear in the next life."

"Well, I knew that," to Sal I said,
"But what's that got to do wi' dead
who don't get here? They're shades in hel
who got their just deserts, I'd tell."

"Ye daft auld sod!" old Sal said on,
"You've no idea - they've been and gone.
Once told that they could split their soul
The buggers went on an eternal roll."

You see, each soul can stay or tour
The world, as one, or four
Or 16,000 or even more -
And so the world is full of fools,
The cruel, braggarts and all those ghouls
Who long to conquer and to rule.

While here we sit, wi' no incarnation
'Cos we prefer co-operation
and fairness, not manipulation.
We will not cheat our fellow wights*,
Or kill or maim, or rob of rights
The poor. And so we sit here tight
Or go back one by one, to fight
The world's injustices, and fright
T'vampires. But -who's to blame?
Is't us or them? And if you'd shame
us, up you come, join in our drama
and show us all how good's your karma!

* wight is a Heathen word for all creatures, including spirits, animals & people.

©Alexa Duir 2001

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