Welcome to the Wyrdwolf novels

Contemporary fantasy thrillers where the crimes are committed by magic.

Extras to the novels

Packed with information about the world of the Wyrdwolf books from the Bureau of Occult Affairs, the Occult Crime Squad and plenty of others.

Other Goodies

Satirical camp fire songs and serious poetry, as well as some articles on pagan subjects.


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Extras to the books!Free stuff to increase your enjoyment.

ArticlesMainly debunking pagan things

Poetry and Campfire songsboth satirical and serious

The Wyrdwolf novels

Not your standard werewolf novel – and not your standard werewolf! For one thing, Isolde Moonfleet has two mates, neither of whom is Were. Worse, both practice magic, which is a complete anathema among the packs.
For another, she's a birthright Lawspeaker, born to exercise law and justice over other Weres. Except that trying to please both the Bureau of Occult Affairs and the packs is becoming too much, even if the only real alternative is death.
If all that wasn't bad enough, Isolde keeps being dragged into situations where she's desperately trying to keep friends or family from being killed by criminal magicians. Or enchanted by the fay. Or imprisoned by the Occult Crime Squad. Or – well, read for yourself in these addictive contemporary fantasy novels.

The whole series is available in paperback or Kindle, via Amazon within your country.


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  • Customer Testimonials

    These are absolutely unputdownable! Each book has me on the edge of my seat, either laughing or crying. I've read three and I can't wait to read the rest!

    Fan new to fantasy
  • Customer Testimonials

    I love them and have read the first 10 three times so far.

  • Customer Testimonials

    Thank you for the rarity of a character who can be a mother and still be bad-ass and Do Big Stuff.

    Fan and Parent
  • Customer Testimonials

    I've just finished book 10 and I'm gutted that there isn't a book 11 yet! How long will it take you to write it?

    Fan (Book 11 is now out!)
  • Customer Testimonials

    Look I can't get at [famous author] to ask him to publish another book - but I can get at you! so write something, woman, and get it out before the end of the year! I want something to read over Yule!

    Fantasy Geek
  • Customer Testimonials

    I love some of the things you've put in your Extras section. I might use the chatroom as an example in my creative writing session with 15 year olds.